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Aeration Tips & Tricks

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Aeration. Sounds like a simple fix, doesn’t it? Buy a fountain or install a waterfall and all is good … right?

Aeration Tips &TricksI wouldn’t put money in that stock just yet. You have several options to addressing the challenges of aeration. You can blow through a straw to create bubbles in the pond, swish your hand around in the pond’s surface … okay, that’s silly and it takes too much time. Or you can implement some easier and more practical tips to create oxygen and keep your pond pets active and healthy.



Pond Plants

Waterfalls and fountains produce oxygen, but oxygenating pond plants are also needed for good measure. Unhealthy amounts of algae and toxins can develop and starve out precious-needed oxygen. This can cause your favorite fish to go belly-up. Selecting some strategic stalks of green can make all the difference.

Aeration Tips & Tricks2You may not know this, but certain pond plants are better producers of oxygen than others. Some of the ones you most want in your pond are water buttercup, water wisteria, watercress, parrots feather and moneywort. Not only do they oxygenate the water, but they also keep toxin levels in check. Water lilies are a good oxygenator, too. Besides, they’re really pretty!

Keep in mind, when you’re out caring for your pond and get hungry, you can always munch on some watercress, although it’s best to cook it thoroughly before ingesting.

Aesthetic Aerators

Besides waterfalls, fountains and oxygenating plants, insert one or two small water features. Depending on the size of your pond, select one feature to sit on the shore and one to careen carelessly through the water. Pick a couple that fit your fancy and put them where they compliment your pond the most.

A small frog placed on the side of the pond, spitting out water into the pond is a clever aesthetic and it’s functional. Look for the one with the girl seated with a shell in her lap. The water flows out of the midst of the shell like a mini-waterfall. If you ask me, that’s one of my favorites.

Choose some aesthetic oxygenating plants to keep down algae levels and toxins. Also, pick out a couple of cute water features for more eye-appealing ambiance. Put everything in its proper place, and your pond is ready to partay!

Featured image courtesy of Luz A. Villa

Written by Sherry Zander

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