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Create Cascading Waterfalls with Dramatic Drops

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Select the perfect stones-make “fitting” choices for the backdrop and spillway stones.


Backdrop Stone:

  • A tall handsome type fits the bill.
  • Nestle it, upright, within the liner, with padding at it’s base
  • This requires cutting into a fairly steep slope to get enough of a vertical drop for a dramatic effect. Aim for about 2 ft. in drop. This is enough for a good look in most settings.

Spillway Stone:

  • To create a natural looking cascade, choose a main spillway stone  that is flat and has character.
  • Flagstone is an easy choice for a quick fit, but a more natural look can be attained if you locate a nice flat fieldstone.
  • Ideally the size should be 2-3 in. thick and about 2 ft. in width x 2 ft. in length.
  • Tilt slightly down to spillover – make the law of gravity work for you
  • Strategically place “guide rocks” to keep flow within the liner boundary and to affect variations in the water flow.

Splash down landing:

  • Make sure the splash is kept within the liner by landing it in an area of the pond with plenty of width at that point.
  • The base of the tumbling water is a good place to display your “Show Rock”. The eye is already drawn there by the dramatic cascade you created – just the kind of place “Show Rock” loves to hang out!

Secret ingredient that ties it all together:

The effect is not so dramatic if you can’t see the water. To keep the water from going down under (not to Australia, just under the pretty rocks you carefully chose), fill any gaps with mortar. Apply the mortar between rocks in the stream, spillway, and up to the edge stones. Standard mortar can look unnatural, but no worries – brown dye added to the mortar mix will make it virtually disappear!


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