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Garden Wallpaper: Upright Pink Lily

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This week’s free pond wallpaper is another one from my trip last year to our partner nursery. This flower has actually been featured in a previous wallpaper, but the beauty of the bloom and the drama of how it stands alone against the backdrop makes me feel it justified. The color of the bloom is absolutely stunning against the water, and the upright habit is very nice. The thing that I love best about this particular photo, though, is how the blur on the reflections on the water turned out. There was a gentle wind, which caused the water to ripple very nicely, and the entire line pond had the skeleton of a greenhouse cover over it. The arches of the greenhouse made that interesting pattern on the ripples.

As always, check below to download the full version of this free wallpaper for your desktop, and check out our Facebook for more garden photos throughout the week.

 lilylinesHeroUpright Pink Lily Wallpaper

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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