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Gift Ideas for the Pond Lover

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Ah, Christmas morning. Waking up early and running down the stairs to excitedly tear into a brand new package of… dry pond bacteria?

Wait, that’s not quite right.

OK, pond chemicals and additives might not be the most exciting gift idea of all time. Still, that doesn’t mean that your loved one’s aquatic hobby has to be absent from under the tree this year. There are tons of great, exciting pond-related gifts that will surprise and delight your pond lover.


I love the idea of pond lighting as a gift. First of all, very few things can add joy to a pond owner’s experience as easily as good pond lighting. I also don’t know many pond owners who don’t wish that they had a few more lights or better lights. Best of all, for many ponds, winter is the time when great pond lights can actually make the most difference. Getting the best lights might take a little bit of scouting or snooping around their pond, of course. You might want to get something similar to the lights they already have. If you know a bit more about their pond, you might be able to even get accessory lights that build upon and expand their current lighting setup. And if their pond doesn’t have a lighting setup currently, even better: grab a simple LED pond lighting kit and double the amount of time that they get to enjoy their pond.

Spitters and Fountains

If you know your pond lover’s taste pretty well, you might consider getting them a spitter or fountain to accentuate their current setup.

Rain Barrel

It might seem a bit dull to the uninitiated, but I have rarely known a gardener, especially water gardeners, who didn’t get excited at the idea of rain harvesting. A good rain barrel, like our 75-gallon model, certainly gets me way more excited than strictly makes sense.

Gift Certificates

Of course, your pond lover knows exactly what they’ve been lusting after, and a Loch Ness Water Gardens Gift Certificate is the best way to give them exactly what they want.

Fish and Plants

Not a good idea. Sorry. Or, rather, buying them directly is a bad idea (unless you really know what you’re doing). Instead, get a gift certificate and tell them that they’re only allowed to use it for fish or plants. Trust me, it’ll work out better.

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