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Glowing Lily Wallpaper

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One of the best things about what I do is looking at all of this wonderful nature photography and learning so much from it. Just about every really great photograph of a pond plant that I look at gives me ideas for my own photography and the motivation to try new things. This week’s wallpaper started out as a nice, but not inspired photo of two lilies. However, after extensive experimentation, I managed to get a few things right on the editing in Lightroom, and it became what I think is a very striking image, giving the lily in the foreground a positively glowing white appearance. The background, on the other hand, is toned way down to allow the lily to contrast more sharply.

I could probably wax on at great length about my opinions on the “purity” of different photo editing techniques, but in the end my philosophy can be boiled down to something quite simple: if it’s pretty, I like it. While I edited this photo with a much heavier hand than I usually would, it’s pretty and it makes me smile. Good enough for me.

Oh, and in honor of new experiments, this week’s wallpaper is available formatted for the iPad, too! As always, check below for the download links for this wallpaper. While you’re at it, check out our great selection of pond plants and water lilies!

whiteglowheroGlowing White Lily Wallpaper

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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