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Ideal Planting Zones

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Pond plants can be fickle creatures and how/where they’re positioned can make all the difference.  The amount of sunlight, how deep the water is, and how much surface area your pond has are all critical factors.

World of Water Aquatic Centre provides a very clear illustration on the ideal planting zones for pond plants. With this guide, you’ll be able to produce a good balance of plants with different colors and foliage throughout the seasons.  Appropriate positioning will help your pond plants to produce their fullest blooms and to thrive, helping your ecosystem to stay in balance. Go check out their excellent post for the details.


For me, there’s nothing like a lotus plant to add a dramatic touch to a pond (ours are only available in the spring, so you have to plan a little if you want to order one).  There’s something about the fact that the blooms usually only last a day that makes you appreciate them even more.  Personally, I think they’re the most beautiful flower there is.

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