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Lotus Wallpaper

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It’s been a while since one of our free garden wallpapers has featured a lotus. I spent a while recently getting the lotus that I’ve featured in many of our photos moved out of our pond and into a container (more on this soon) to make room for a new Rosy Clouds Lotus that we’ll be putting in this week, and this has made me nostalgic for some of the spectacular blooms that our Nucifera has given us over the years. Today’s shot is one of those brilliant pink blooms, shot right down the barrel. I was honestly a bit surprised that I haven’t done a wallpaper of this shot yet, as I really love it. In fact, my  mother has a big print of it in her home. I really love how the petals in this shot are slightly asymmetrical (the bloom wasn’t yet fully open that morning). The light that morning was just perfect for showing off the striations, the light pink stripes on the petals. I was also fortunate that this bloom decided to face in a direction that let me get it from this angle with a really great green leafy backdrop, which I think sets it off beautifully.

If your pond is ready for a lotus, check out our lotus plant section on the site.

As always, check out below for the full-sized downloads of this wallpaper.

LotusbarrelheroNucifera Lotus Wallpaper

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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