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Offset Lotus Heart Wallpaper

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This is definitely among my very favorite images I’ve ever taken. I think that it’s the contrast of the smooth petals and the texture of the stamens that really puts it over the top for me. Anyway, lotus hearts are always a favorite photography subject for me, and this is one of the better shots I’ve ever gotten of one. Oddly, while it looks like a macro image, it was actually taken from a fair ways away using a 250mm lens on a monopod. It was an experiment in which I was trying to get more severe depth of focus field effects with limited lenses, and I managed to get a very nice blur at an aperture of 5.6.

Of course, that might not mean anything to those among you who aren’t photo nerds (and I suspect that’s most of you). I guess that what matters here is that pond plant flowers are some of the most consistently attractive plants to photograph, from lotuses to lilies to irises.

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lotusheartoffsetheroOffset Lotus Heart Wallpaper

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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