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Opening Green Smoke Lily Wallpaper

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Today’s wallpaper is a beautiful tropical lily that I photographed during my recent trip to our partner nursery. It’s a Green Smoke lily, with pale blue tips to the petals that I absolutely fell in love with. This photo is a great example of how using narrow depth of field while taking a garden photo can lead to unexpected results. My goal with this picture was to keep the heart of the lily in focus with narrow depth, allowing a tiny amount of bokeh on the petals and much more on the pads behind the bloom. I didn’t realize until I was editing the photos later that the underside of the bloom had a really interesting speckled texture that was, fortunately, right in my field of focus. This creates a second point of interest in the photo. Further, one of the pads, covered in water droplets, was also in my field of focus, creating a third point of interest. Each of these points of focus is much more distinct because of the wide-open aperture that I used for the photo; had I used a narrower aperture for a wider depth of field, much more of the photo would be in focus, so these three points wouldn’t draw attention as they do here.

lilywallpaperGreen Smoke Lily

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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