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Pink and Yellow Water Lily Wallpaper

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This week’s wallpaper features a pale pink, almost lavender water lily blossom, fully open to showcase its bright yellow heart. I love the flower in this image, of course, but there were a few other things that caught my eye. First, I love how unforced and clearly unstaged the photo is. It hits a balance in the composition of a natural pond view without being cluttered. I also love the burgundy striations on a couple of the lily pads.

The main reason I wanted to use this picture, though, (other than just the “hey, that’s pretty” factor) is that it’s a neat example of how a polarizing filter can help out your pond photography. I’ll be doing an entire post on filters, especially polarizing filters, soon, but I wanted to put this up to show that shooting into water without terrible glare is very possible. You can see from the crisp shadow under the petals of the lily blossom that this photo was taken with strong overhead light. The water, though, is still visually penetrated without terrible glare. A crisp shadow like this on clear water that can be seen through is a tough effect to get in a photo without a decent polarizing filter. This, by the way, is the same effect created by polarized sunglasses, and it’s why fisherman were using polarized lenses long before they became widely popular.

Anyway, more on filters later. for now, check out the download links for this wallpaper below.

waterlilyPink and Yellow Water Lily

Image Credit: SuperFantastic
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