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Pink Lotus Blossoms Wallpaper

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This week’s free wallpaper comes from another great Japanese photographer, Kazue Asano. I chose this photo partly for the striking color of the lotus petals (I’m a sucker for a really rich pink lotus bloom). I also really liked the framing, featuring the distinctive wavy edge of the raised lotus pad and another lotus flower still in its tight cone. There’s also a small amount of lens flare throughout the image. Lens flare is generally considered an imperfection in photos, but it can also add a lot of drama and character to a photo, which I think it does beautifully in this image. It’s a great snap all around of a lotus in full bloom, and the dark background makes it work wonderfully as a background for those of us who prefer our desktops mostly dark.

locusPink Lotus Blossom

Image Credit: Kazue Asano
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