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Pond Photo Roundup: February 1

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I seriously can’t believe that it’s already February. That’s insane. A whole month of 2013 gone, and it only took, well, a month. That’s almost 10% of the year that I’ve already burned. The good news, though, is that this means that Pond Season is rapidly approaching. Are you kids ready? No? Well, here’re some photos to get the fire stoked.


This shot, which comes to us from Direct Jardin, shows a really cool idea for a central water display. I’m telling you, waterfall furniture is the next fad, and I’m looking forward to it. A Pondless Waterfall can be the centerpiece of every great garden party.

This one, from Jürgen Kirchner Wasser, is just more proof that a pond can, literally, be the oasis of relaxation in the desert of your life. Or something like that. It’s a cool pond, either way.

Ok, I’ll be honest, something about this photo from Cool Japan makes me suspect that the colors might have been tweaked just a tiny bit. Still, it’s a really nice shot. The idea of using colored lights to complement and accentuate the color of the blooms on the tree being lit is really neat, and seems like it could make for a really great display.


This art installation by Bruce Munro is still a long way from being the strangest thing I’ve seen floating in a pond. Don’t ask.


This shot, shared by Ecossistemas, is definitely my favorite shot of the week. Not just because it’s a picture of a butterfly so beautiful that it’s almost unreal, or because the macro detail is absolutely stunning and nearly hypnotic. No, it’s because I can’t look at this shot without seeing a giant conquering butterfly which will be the progenitor of the butterfly superrace that will soon be our benevolent lepidopteran overlords.

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