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Pond Photo Roundup: January 25

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Now, you may or may not be aware of this, but I am very much like a koi in a lot of ways. I like ponds, I have silly-looking whiskers, and, when it gets cold outside and the sun isn’t shining, my metabolism slows way, way down and I stop paying much attention to the world. Thus, no pond photo roundups for a few weeks, if I’m not very careful. I know that you guys have all missed these posts, since I get tens of thousands of emails every time I miss a week*. Anyway, you’ve been waiting long and hard, so here you go. Photos!

*this is a bald-faced lie.

So, this bridge (shared by Ecossistemas) may not be the easiest way to cross your pond or stream, but it sure as heck is a good-looking way to do it. Jealousy inspired.


Froggy! Who says you’ve got to have fur to be an adorable animal? This little guy was captured hanging out in a rose by National Home Gardening Club member Brandi Carr.

Can’t have a photo roundup without some big, pretty koi, now can we? Actually, we probably could, but this photo from Okanagan Koi is here, anyway.

In case you’re somehow unaware, views like this are why I absolutely love to visit commercial nurseries, especially those specializing in pond plants. I used to work for a very large nursery, and just walking around the greenhouses and grounds was a great way to spend my lunches. This photo comes from Florida Aquatic Nurseries.

Can I just go to this garden and hang out for a couple of weeks? I’ll gladly help out and not mess anything up. No? Fine. I guess I’ll just go watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi again or something.

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