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Pond Photo Roundup: November 9

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Well, we missed last week due to unforeseen tiredness, but we are, as ever, back with a vengeance this week to bring you more pretty pictures of things you might want to look at. And, really, isn’t that what the internet is for?


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This is a very cool way to repurpose a couple of wine bottles and a bit of kitchen hardware with just a normal fountain pump, a tube splitter, and a glass drill. Make sure you empty the wine bottles first, which I’m sure would be some kind of chore for many of our readers.



This is a very cool pool/waterfall setup. Something like this, with the neat underwater visibility, would probably be exceptionally cool in a koi pond.


I don’t know if this lake, Lac Rose in Senegal, is the world’s largest strawberry milkshake or just a very, very serious dose of Pepto (needed after a giant strawberry milkshake?), but either way it’s supremely cool to look at. The pink color is caused by a salt-loving micro-algae that produces a red pigment as part of it’s photosynthesis.


This garden has some serious balls. It’s the Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden.


Finally, this beautiful shot is by Peiling Lee. I highly recommend checking out some of the other work featured in her gallery.

Well, kids, that’s it for this week. Check back next Friday for more pond photos, and throughout the week check here on the Pond Blog and on our Facebook for more photos and water gardening tips.

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