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Pond Photo Roundup: October 12

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Yet again I come before you, beseeching you to take a moment and enjoy these humble pond photographs.

I want to swim in this pool. In fact, I want to live in this amazing Park City, Utah, home. I mean, I’m sure that I’d be a bit worried about bumping into that glass, but that’s a risk I’m willing to take. If you want it, the home can apparently be yours for a mere 9.8 million dollars. Given that the home is in Park City, I’d imagine that this view is even more spectacular in winter.

Of course, for that kind of money, you could probably buy a private island. And, if you can’t afford to buy an island somewhere beautiful, maybe you can just build one. This large secluded island pond build is really extraordinarily done. I love it, but our Facebook fan Maggie points out one flaw: “but where is the bar?” Good point, Maggie.

A huge pond like the one above gives you lots of room to really let your fish grow up. All the way up, in the case of these koi/whale hybrids from Okanagan Koi. I think that they’re absolutely beautiful, but some of our fans think that big koi are for the birds.

And this duck certainly seems to agree. Laguna Ponds shared this image, and we couldn’t help but wonder what, exactly, that duck is telling those koi that is so fascinating. I assume that he’s chastising them.

Oh, and here’s a really pretty picture of a leaf floating on the water from photographer Martin Schmidt. I don’t have a vaguely clever segue for that one, so let’s just pretend.

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