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Pond Photo Roundup: September 14

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It’s time again for us to indulge our billions of adoring fans and gather up some of the best pond photos we’ve seen this week.


This is one of the most vividly-colored fish I’ve ever seen, and I absolutely love it. I’m not the only one, either, as it got a lot of attention on our Facebook page when we posted it yesterday. The consensus seems to be: I want one. So do I, Facebook fans. So do I.


This simulation of a giant, crystal drop of water is a great idea that seems pretty easy to do with a few things from the craft store (and the hardware store, if you don’t have a faucet handy). Facebook fan Doreen commented that she will be making one of these, “for sure,” while Dianna already has one made by a friend with a bonus rain gauge on the back. Always great to see our fans getting inspiration from our pages.


I can’t decide if this is the biggest seed pod I’ve ever seen, a fantastic water garden sculpture, or a great little area to visit. Probably all three (well, maybe not a seed pod). Either way, it’s very cool.


Among photographers it is often believed that, if you can tell that a photo’s colors have been messed with, you’ve gone too far. I disagree: I think that if a photo pleases the eye, that’s good enough for me. Sure, the saturation on this photo has been cranked way up, but it makes for an absolutely stunning photo. The angle reminds me of one of our first Garden Wallpapers, and the cropping certainly makes for a really interesting visual.

That’s it for this week. Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page for even more great pond photos.

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