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Pond Photo Roundup: September 21

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And so, my noble Pondbloggies, I come before you yet again to give to you a humble roundup of awesome pond photos from our Facebook page. May you be pleased with my offering.

You know what your pond needs more of? Weird glowing bubble things floating on the surface. These interesting lights really are quite pretty, even if they’re a little bit confusing. Facebook fan Sharon says that she has them, and they don’t bother her fish. She didn’t say if the fish rolled their eyes at her when she put them in, though.

How about this: Instead of glowing green eggs, just go with headlights. This 1949 Studebaker truck has been repurposed as garden sculpture and waterfall source, and it’s very cool. Thanks to Laguna Ponds for sharing the photo.

Speaking of garden sculpture, this woodwork found on The Room Outside is absolutely stunning. I want this in my home.

Our friend Ron at Bedrock Construction pointed out that this natural swimming pool would be “like swimming in a lake with straight sides.” I think it’s really neat, but I have to wonder how often the homeowner gets the “you need to clean your pool!” joke.

Lotuses are some of my very favorite photography subjects for a lot of reasons, one of which is that they look so fantastic in macro when they’re open like this. This photo is a spectacular example. I can’t believe the intensity of the color.


Don’t forget to check out our Facebook page for more great pond photos throughout the week, as well as links to lots of other great and helpful pond stuff. Big bonus this week, check our page for a new coupon code posted today!

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