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Tall Pink Lily Wallpaper

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This week’s wallpaper is another photo from my trip last fall to our partner nursery. The photo features a brilliant pink lily standing tall on a long stem. The tall flower allowed me to make the flower the focus of the photo at the center of the lower third line, letting the interesting water surface blur in the background. I fell in love with how the greenhouse framing was reflected, creating lines of interest and also drawing attention to the many lily pads covering the surface of the water. Most of the line ponds at the nursery had flowers growing all along the lengths, so this particular pond was the only one available with a long stretch of the reflected framework to photograph. I was really pleased to be fortunate enough that this one exceptional pink bloom stood out as a focus for the photograph at the front of the pond.

lilyrowHeroTall Pink Lily

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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