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Unreal Lily Wallpaper

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I encountered this lily last year when visiting our sister nursery, and it absolutely blew me away. It’s nicely formed, but not the most perfectly-formed flower I’ve seen, or even that I saw that day. Something about the colors and texture of the thing, though, just makes it look so unreal. It looks to me more like a lily carved from rose marble than a real flower, but I assure you that it is real (and, in this photo, minimally processed). I have a few wallpapers of this bloom that I’ll likely be posting over this winter, but I thought that I’d start with this simple image of the bloom, a centered close-up that I think best shows off the remarkable flower.

Unique and interesting flowers like this can be a difficult thing for gardeners, I’ve found. When you stumble upon something so singular as this, you of course desire it. However, if this were one of the only lily plants in a smallish pond, it would lose much, if not most, of its effect. Very often peculiar blooms need other, more traditional flowers near them to really stand out and be showcased at their best. So, while I absolutely fell in love with this plant, it isn’t something that I feel would work well in my pond. I guess I just need to start planning a bigger pond again.

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Unreal Lily Wallpaper

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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