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Water Quality (recommended pH, hardness, and alkalinity)

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Even though we like to focus on creating a healthy ecosystem with our ponds to keep the water healthy (and not on testing and chemicals), it’s useful to know some recommended levels. Here are the ranges that Jungle Labs recommends:

Harmful If Out of Range low ideal high
pH below 6.8 ppm 7.2 – 7.6 (7.0 is neutral) over 7.6 ppm
hardness below 50 ppm 50 – 150 ppm over 150 ppm
alkalinity below 100 ppm 120 – 180 ppm above 200 ppm


Harmful If Detected safe unsafe
ammonia 0 – .25 ppm over .25 ppm
nitrate 0 – 200 ppm over 200 ppm
nitrite 0 ppm over .5 ppm
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