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White Delight Water Lily Wallpaper

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This week’s free water garden wallpaper is a White Delight Water Lily captured at our partner nursery in Charleston, SC. This lily can be a real producer of big, very full blooms, especially if you give it a roomy pot and fertilizer. The thing that really gets me about this lily, though, is that it will develop those delicate pink tips on the petals in various different conditions (often later in the season, in hotter conditions, or when in a smaller pot). I’m always really fascinated by how plants react in such visible ways to their circumstances. We tend to think of plants as relatively passive, unchanging things, but if you pay close attention, you’ll be shown again and again just how alive and adaptable they are.

As always, look below for free downloads of this wallpaper for various screen sizes.

WhiteDelightHeroWhite Delight Lily Wallpaper

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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