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Atlantic Water Gardens Pond Kits 16 x 16 w/ PAF-75 (TidalWave Pump 1 HP) Atlantic Water Gardens Large Pond Kits
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Atlantic Water Gardens Large Pond Kits

Model: PK261520P

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For those of you who are looking for a more robust pond kit that will allow you to build a much larger water garden (up to 26' x 21'), these large professional grade pond kits from Atlantic Water Gardens are a great choice.

They're so big, they have to ship on a pallet via commercial truck (and weigh up to 520 lbs).  Don't be afraid, though, they're still designed to be easy to install and maintain.  Our Professional Grade AWG pond kits, come with one of two pumps depending on the size kit. (The largest kits include the impressive A-31 pump capable of 9,000 GPH!).

These larger kits come with bigger, stronger components and stainless steel hardware, including:

  • Large Pond Pump (PAF-75 or A-31)
  • LED Pond Lights (AWGLED3)
  • Pro Series FilterFalls (BF3800)
  • Pro Series Skimmer (PS15000)
  • 45 Millimeter Pond Liner
  • Heavy-duty Underlayment
  • Flexible PVC Pipe
  • Triton Check Valve
  • Auto Fill Valve (AF1000)
  • Instructions
  • Fittings, cleaner, thread sealant, glue, and three FallsFoam

Manufacturer's Description

Our complete pond and pond-free kits offer a convenient, easy and affordable way to achieve a balanced system. Detailed installation instructions are included. Professional Pond Kits (LARGE) includes: PS15000 Pro Series Skimmer. BF3800 Pro Series FilterFalls. PAF or A-Series Pump. Triton Check Valve. Flexible PVC Pipe. 45 mil EPDM pond liner ‰ Heavy-duty Underlayment. AWGLED3 pond lights. AF1000 Auto Fill. Complete Installation Kit Including Glue, Cleaner, Thread Sealant & (3) 12oz. FallsFoam. All Large Professional Pond Kits measure 42"L x 36"H x 48"D and are supplied on a pallet.