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Atlantic Water Gardens Pumps 1HP Atlantic Water Gardens TidalWave L-Series Pumps
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Atlantic Water Gardens TidalWave L-Series Pumps

Model: L-305

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If you've got a low head application that needs massive water flow, then the L-Series TidalWave Pumps from Atlantic Water Gardens are a good choice.

Just how much flow are we talking about?  From 7,380 GPH all the way up to 13,500 GPH!

Built to last, the L-Series pumps are constructed from stainless steel with cast iron vortex impellers.  For extra strength, they utilize dual drive bearings and double silicon carbide mechanical seals.  The motors also have built in auto-cut thermal overload protection. 

Operating the L-Series pumps outside of the recommended ranges can cause the bearings to be damaged and the pump to fail.

Manufacturer's Description
TidalWave A-Series & L-Series Pumps are manufactured from cast-iron and stainless steel with precision motors and thermal overload protection. These professionalgrade pumps are engineered for high volume applications and perform where most cannot. All models feature double silicon carbide mechanical seals, dual drive bearings, Auto-cut thermal protection, 30' power cord and a 2-year warranty.

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