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Kasco 12V Emergency Aerator

Model: 1812AF035

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Sudden condition changes can cause devastating fish kills. You can be prepared to address such situations by having a Kasco 12V Emergency Aerator on hand, ready-to-go. The powerful, 275 watt motor provides excellent oxygen transfer and can provide short-term aeration in up to a 1/3 acre pond or emergency aeration in much larger ponds. These units can also be used in:

  • Remote harvesting, seining, sorting of fish
  • A variety of tank and pond mixing applications
  • Temporary aeration during aquatic herbicide applications
  • Keeping ice from forming when the temperatures drop

These 12V Emergency Aerators can provide you with nearly 5 hours of continuous operation on a single 12V 100 amp-hour deep-cycle battery. You can also run the unit directly from your car or truck battery. The compact size and lightweight design makes this unit quick and easy to deploy in any emergency situation, yet it’s powerful enough to give you the aeration performance you need.


  • Powerful: 275 watt motor with performance prop and guard; operates in as little as 15” (.4M) of water
  • Rugged: Durable finishes on all materials, internal auto-reset thermal overload protection, stainless steel motor shaft, sealed ball bearings, long life brushes, and mechanical seals
  • Efficient: Up to 5 hours on a single, 100 amp-hour deep-cycle battery
  • Portable: 35’ power cord with alligator clips
  • Two 50’ (15M) mooring lines included
  • 1 year warranty


1812AF Owner’s Manual

12V Emergency Aerator Brochure