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Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Pond-Free Kit


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The Oasis Pond-Free Kit is built by Atlantic Water Gardens out or their professional grade components, but designed to be easy to install even by inexperienced pond builders.

This waterfall kit also ships for free!

The Oasis Pond-Free Kit includes:

  • TidalWave2 Pump (TW2400)
  • FastFall (SP1600)
  • Pump Vault (PV1700)
  • 15' x 10' Liner
  • Heavy-duty Underlayment
  • 2 Eco-Blox
  • Triton Check Valve
  • 25' x 1.5" Flexible PVC Pipe
  • All the fittings, PVC spray glue, thread sealant, etc. you need.
  • Easy to understand instructions

Here's the Oasis pond-free system in action:

Manufacturer's Description

Oasis Pond-free products bring the quality and strength you've come to expect from Atlantic to the retail market, with more compact, easier to install products that are built to withstand the same abuse as our Pro products. Count on Atlantic's Oasis Series to deliver the performance you need for all your smaller pond-free features. The new Oasis Pond-Free Kit includes SP1600 FastFall, PV1700 Pump Vault, TW2400 TidalWave2 Pump, Triton Check Valve, 1_" x 25' Flexible PVC Pipe, 2 Eco-Blox, 10' x 15' liner, Heavy-duty Underlayment, Complete Installation Kit Including Fittings, Thread Sealant and PVC spray glue