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Pond Nets Premium Leaf Nets

Model: N1010

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1/8" opening, medium weight, best mesh netting available, sewn bindings and brass grommets every two feet.
Nets are custom made to fit every pond! We sew every premium net here in Buffalo, NY; you can find photos of our factory on our site. We take pride in knowing that every net produced will protect the pond and fish you have nurtured over the years. Using one of our premium leaf nets will help to protect your investment in your pond.

Your Premium Leaf Net will:
  • keep your water cleaner and clearer
  • reduce leaf and debris pollution in your pond water
  • eliminate pond sludge
  • reduce spring start up costs
  • protect your fish and plants from predators
Our Custom Made Nets are Manufactured in the USA
We use only the highest quality materials. Each net includes 3" folded polyweb bindings with #4 brass grommets placed in each corner and every 2 feet as practical.
  • Netting material is a tear resistant knitted polyethylene fiber
  • Nets are lightweight and extremely durable
  • Our nets withstand temperature ranges of -30f to +140f
  • Custom nets fold easily for summer storage
  • Tight weave leaf nets are recommended by water garden associations
  • All of our nets exceed the specifications for bird and fish friendly netting
  • Pond associations recommend bird and fish friendly mesh
Netting Care and Cleaning
Our nets are very easy to use and clean for storage. After each season use, rinse the netting with a soap and water mixture, rinse clean with fresh water! Air dry the net and fold for next years use.
With proper care the netting with stay looking new for years. As always our nets have a one-year warrantee on manufactures defects.

Manufacturer's Description

Black, knitted high density polyethyene Leaf/Pond Netting. 1/8" mesh/weave. UV protector melted into the fiber during the manufacturing process. 2_ folded black polypropylene binding. 3/8_ brass grommets every 2-ft. Lightweight and extremely durable.0.35 lbs