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Aquascape 3-Watt LED Bullet Spotlight (Architectural Bronze Finish)

Model: 98927

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Aquascape's 3-watt LED pond light is similar to their popular 1-watt light, but a step up in brightness.  This brighter light is great at illuminating waterfalls, large plants and even trees.

It produces approximately the same amount of light as a 20 watt halogen bulb, but only uses a fraction of the electricity (3 watts, 12 volts).  LED bulbs also last significantly longer so you won't have to purchase bulbs as often or spend the time changing them.

Aquascape also went the extra mile with the color of the light that these LED's produce.  Many pond lights have LED's that shine with a harsh, artificial looking bluish light.  Aquascape chose more expensive LED's that are a match for the natural color and hue that halogen lights are able to produce. 

Many of our customers have also mentioned that the bronze finish is a nice detail that looks great.

You can use this light out of the water or submerge it underwater.  Included are two mounting options, a stake and an adjustable stand.  A 15' power cord with quick connects is also included.

Transformer sold separately.  The light measures 2.5" in diameter and is 3.5" long.  It weighs about a pound.

Manufacturer's Description
The Aquascape 3-Watt LED Spotlight has the same stylish look as our 1-Watt LED Bullet Spotlight unit only with three times the light. The Spotlight is ideal for larger plants, trees or waterfalls. Can be used fully submersed or outside of the water. Equally bright output as standard 20-watt halogen bulbs, but at only 3 watts! Includes two different mounting platforms, adjustable stand and stake. Comes standard with three, high-output warm, white LED bulbs. Replaceable bulb is available in white. 15' cord with quick connect plug is included.

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