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Aquascape Feature Foam Free

Model: 98908

Protects your fountains from the permanent damage that can be caused by calcuim build up. Keep your water pump and fountain plumbing clear of white scale and deposits caused by hard water.  

  • Fresh lavender scent
  • Keep your water fresher longer
  • Safe for birds and pets
  • Removes Calcium
Manufacturer's Description

Safely removes calcium and scale from water fountains. Aquascape Feature Scale Free will protect your ornamental fountain from damage caused by scale and stain buildup. Scale buildup can permanently damage water pumps and clog fountain plumbing. Helps maintain the beauty of your fountain. Helps keep water clean and clear of hard water deposists, white scale and foam. Water stays fresher, longer. Adds the fresh clean scent of lavender. Non-toxic, safe for birds and animals.

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