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Atlantic Water Gardens Garden Protector 9 x 12 feet Atlantic Water Gardens Atlantic Pond and Garden Protector
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Atlantic Water Gardens Atlantic Pond and Garden Protector

Model: PGPSM

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The Atlantic pond and garden protector is a tent-like dome that is place over your pond or garden to protect it from wind-blown debris and predators.

The pond protector ensures an easy transition into the spring, significantly shortening that yearly pond- cleaning ritual. The dome design allows fall leaves to just roll off, while other simpler net designs would become heavy with wind-blown debris in the off season.

And, don't pack it into the garage during the spring because the protective net is great for keeping predators out of your vegetable gardens and flower beds.

Manufacturer's Description
Want a healthy pond first thing in the Spring? Protecting your pond in the fall is the best way to get a head start. To ensure a healthy winter environment for fish and to reduce spring maintenance, simply keep leaves and windblown debris from entering the pond in the fall. When a traditional pond net becomes laden with leaves that lay on or under the water surface, the leaves begin to decompose, affecting water quality and adding unwanted nutrients to the ecosystem. The domed design of Atlantic's Pond & Garden Protectors causes leaves to roll off the net where they can be collected easily. Easy to assemble and remove, the Pond & Garden Protector is the best, easiest way to start the new year off with a clean, healthy pond.

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