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Atlantic Water Gardens Color Changing ColorFalls - Loch Ness Water Gardens
Atlantic Water Gardens Color Changing ColorFalls - Loch Ness Water Gardens
Atlantic Water Gardens Color Changing ColorFalls - Loch Ness Water Gardens
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Atlantic Water Gardens Color Changing ColorFalls

Model: CC06

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The effects that can be made with Atlantic's amazing Color Changing Colorfalls are breathtaking and brilliant. Forty-eight different color/pattern options and a new weir design (stronger, fuller water sheet) set this Colorfalls apart from the crowd! The Color Changing Colorfalls are so versatile that you will be able to design that spectacular one of a kind water feature that you want. The modular design allows you to have custom widths of your spillway. The optional Control Module makes it so that you can synchronize up to five units in a custom display.    

  • Long-lasting LED light bar produces bright, beautiful light while using very little energy
  • Body is self-draining for quick and easy winterization 
  • Baffle is removable to make cleaning easier
  • LED light bar is accessible from the back
  • Back and side plumbing options -more versatile
  • New design eliminates splitting of water sheet

Choose just the Colorfalls system or add a Basin Kit, which includes everything you need to install your Colorfalls system. Kits include the  basin, the appropriate TidalWave 2 Pump, anti-splash mat, filter materials, flexible PVC pipe and suitable plumbing connections.

All systems  also include a 20 foot power cord, a 5 inch lip extension, a weather resistant outdoor enclosure for the 12 volt single control module, and a remote control. Colorfalls are the perfect accent for your retaining wall or for your pondless application. One year warranty - manufacturer defects.

6 Inch Color Changing Colorfalls:

  • 600 gallons per hour flow rate
  • 6" wide by 8" deep by 3.5" high
  • 6 watts
12 Inch Color Changing Colorfalls:
  • 1200 gallons per hour flow rate
  • 12" wide by 8" deep by 3.5" high
  • 8 watts
24 Inch Color Changing Colorfalls:
  • 2400 gallons per hour flow rate
  • 24" wide by 8" deep by 3.5" high
  • 10 watt
36 Inch Color Changing Colorfalls:   
  • 3600 gallons per hour flow rate
  • 36" wide by 8" deep by 3.5" high
  • 12 watts


Manufacturer's Description

  • Atlantic's Color Changing Colorfalls is the only modular sheer descent system with multiple light and configuration options, the most versatile way to add light and water to your landscape or hardscape
  • Color Changing Colorfalls synchronize with Atlantic SOL LED Hardscape and submersible lights to create illuminated landscapes
  • Unlike other sheer descent waterfalls, Atlantic Color Changing Colorfalls may be linked together to create waterfalls of any width
  • Create up to a 15-foot synchronized Color Changing Colorfalls using the Master Control Module CCCM05
  • Designed to install easily in any wall, indoors or out, whether stone, brick, block, stucco, tile or wood
  • Atlantic's Color Changing Colorfalls' modular body style offers multiple inlets for maximum plumbing flexibility
  • Generous weir openings resist clogging and creat a thicker, fuller sheer for extra color and less wind deflection
  • Colorfalls feature a 5" lip, 20' powercord and includes Color Changing Control Module, remote control and outdoor transformer
  • Control Module features a weatherproof enclosure with external antenna, 48 vibrant color options and 18 preset modes, 2.4GHz RF frequency for increased range and touch remote with simplified functions
  • Control Module has an input voltage of 12 Volt AC and output voltage of 12 Volt DC / 6-wire with a max load of 80 watts
  • For use with Formal Spillway Basins and Basin Kits