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Atlantic Water Gardens Diaphragm Air Pump

Model: TA2200

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Keep your pond oxygenated through the coldest icy winters with this weatherproof air compressor. The Atlantic air pump uses very little electricity to keep the gas exchange ratios perfect in your pond through cold winter nights. Your fish will stay healthy and you won't see your power bill spike to keep them that way.

  •  Energy efficient - 25 watts
  • Very low maintenance - turn it on, and let it work
  •  Quieter than other compressors
  •  One Year Warranty

Manufacturer's Description

Atlantic's Typhoon indoor/outdoor, continuous duty diaphragm compressor is ideal for aeration in the summer months and winter time de-icing. Unlike floating de-icers that often fail in extreme temperatures and heavy snowfalls, the TA2200 will maintain an opening for gas exchange under even the harshest conditions. Best of all, this energy efficient compressor draws only 25 watts of power!