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Atlantic Water Gardens External Pressure Pump

Model: RHEBS10

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The external rain-water pressure pump applies constant pressure to your harvested rainwater making it more useful for real applications. Irrigate your lawn or even pump it into your home for flushing and washing to conserve water and cut down on utilities costs.

With performance specs and cost similar to those of our other pump, the submersible pressure pump, the choice comes down to your needs and rain harvesting system design. An external pump allows for easy maintenance and straight-forward installation.

Benefits of the AWG External Pressure Pump:

  • One of the quietest pumps on the market
  • Self-priming pump
  • Starts and stops with your taps
  • Constant pressure and gallons per minute

Manufacturer's Description

Incredibly quiet, self priming, water cooled pump. Built-in pressure switch & flow sensor. Equipped with dry-run protection and built in non-return valve. Automatically starts and stops when taps are opened. Delivers constant pressure & flow rates