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Atlantic Water Gardens Oasis Pond Kit


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Want a professional grade pond kit, but don't need to build a giant pond?

Atlantic Water Garden's new Oasis Pond Kit System is built with the same extra durability and strength as their professional line, but comes in a do-it-yourself size package.

  • Designed to be easy to understand, install and maintain.  The only tools required are a hand saw and a screwdriver.
  • All the Oasis components are constructed to be super durable and eliminate leaks.
  • The Oasis Pond Kit ships for free!

The Oasis Kits come with:

  • TidalWave2 Pump (TW2400)
  • FilterFall (BF1600)
  • Skimmer (PS3900)
  • 15' x 15' Liner
  • Heavy-duty Underlayment
  • Triton Check Valve
  • 25' x 1.5" Flexible PVC Pipe
  • All the fittings, PVC spray glue, thread sealant, etc. you need
  • Easy to understand instructions

Here's the Oasis System in action:

Manufacturer's Description

Atlantic's Oasis Series is the first line of retail water gardening products built to contractor standards. These exceptionally well-designed units feature heavy walled high density polyethylene construction, attractive rolled rims for strength and rigidity and stainless steel hardware - contractor grade equipment sized for the smaller water garden. The new Oasis Pond Kit includes PS3900 Skimmer, BF1600 FilterFall, TW2400 TidalWave2 Pump, Triton Check Valve, 1_" x 25' Flexible PVC Pipe, 15' x 15' liner, Heavy-duty Underlayment, Complete Installation Kit Including Fittings, Thread Sealant and PVC spray glue