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Atlantic Water Gardens Submersible Pressure Pump

Model: RHDIV12

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A pressure pump is essential if you want to get the most out of your rainwater or if your application requires constant pressure.

The submersible pressure pump from Atlantic Water Gardens is designed specifically for rain-water harvesting systems, and will provide you with the power and durability you need for most applications.

The benefits of the AWG Submersible Pressure Pump include:

  • Flow sensor and Pressure switch are built in
  • Starts and stops automatically when taps are opened or closed
  • Flow and pressure are controlled and constant
  • Very easy installation
  • Pump is rated to 65 psi

Manufacturer's Description

Submersible pressure Pump is extremely reliable and easy to install. Built-in pressure switch & flow sensor. Equipped with dry-run protection and internal non-return valve. Automatically starts and stops when taps are opened. Delivers constant pressure and flow rates