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Cal Pump UV Clarifier

Model: 517424

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Model Watts Max Pond Size Max Pump Flow Inlet/Outlet Fittings Dimensions Replacement Bulb
UVC9 9 1,000 gallon 500 gph 1" & 1 1/2" UL 15" 9W UV bulb
UVC18 18 2,000 gallon 1,000 gph 1" & 1 1/2" UL 15" 18W UV bulb
UVC36 36 4,000 gallon 2, 000 gph 1" & 1 1/2" UL 15" 36W UV bulb

Manufacturer's Description

Introducing Ultraviolet Clarifiers to your system will give you the best possible water clarity. The distinctive spiral water guide design maximizes exposure to the beneficial UV rays. As algae passes through the unit, the UV light bleaches chlorophyll from the plant. The chlorophyll sticks together and lodges in the biological pond filter to decompose, turning into nutrients consumed by beneficial bacteria that render the nutrients harmless to pond life.

-One year fixture warranty
-Unique, proprietary new bulb design
-New space saving design
-Stops green water
-Magnetic ballast
-9', 18' and 36' cord
-Installs in-line as a stand alone fixture (non-submersible)
-Multi-purpose & versatile, can be added to any new or existing system.
-UL listed