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Koi Koi 3 "Choice" 8 -10 inch Koi Fish Pond Pack
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Koi Fish Pond Pack

Model: KFPP-3choice

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 Our Koi Pond Packs are the perfect addition to your pond or water garden. The pack may contain such varieties as Showa, Sanke, Asagi and others. Each pack is hand picked by a Koi expert so that each fish complements the others in the pack.

Choose your Koi Pond Pack (Available in either Choice or Eilte Grade Fish)
  • (Three) 8 to 10 inch fish
  • (Six) 6 to 8 inch fish
  • (Eight) 4 to 6 inch fish

Choice Grade Koi have a vibrant mix of colors and patterns.

Elite Grade Koi have exquisite patterns drenched in color, with top body conformation.

The Koi that we offer are American raised on one of the most respected koi farms in the US. Kloubec Koi Farm has been raising beautiful, healthy, award winning koi for over 30 years. They test their stock randomly through out the year using qualified and certified labs. Kloubec Koi Farm has NEVER had an outbreak of SVC or KHV.

Fish - All of our Koi go through an extensive quarantine process prior to shipping, however, we suggest quarantining every new fish prior to introduction to your pond or water garden. Buyer must be available to receive the shipment Orders usually take a several days to pack and ship due to the quarantine process. 


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