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Savio Pond Kits Plus (medium) - Loch Ness Water Gardens
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Savio Pond Kits Plus (medium)

Model: SK4

Pond Kits with Savio Components are not Savio Pond Packages- they're better! We offer much more choice on pond size, 2" PVC Hose on all kits, and the choice of a Savio Water Master Solids or a ShinMaywa Waterfall Pump with our Savio Kits. 

The Savio Pond Kits contain: 
  • Firestone Pondgard 45 mil EPDM Liner 
  • Pond Liner Underlay 
  • Savio Skimmerfilter 
  • Savio Livingponds Waterfall Filter 
  • Savio Water Master Solids or ShinMaywa Waterfall Pump 
  • 2" PVC Hose 
  • Pump Discharge Kit 
  • Filter Drain Kit 
  • 1½" PVC Hose for Drain Kit (10') 
  • Plumbing Connections 
  • Black Waterfall Foam 
  • Dechlorinator and Bacteria 
  • Written Instructions 
  • Kit sizes are calculated using a 24" pond depth
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