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Universal Lighting Wireless Motion Controller

Model: UZC10WMC

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Get Protected

The U-Sync MotionControl provides an additional level of security by illuminating designated lighting areas via motion. The sleek lightweight design can be mounted to any flat surface and communicates wirelessly to the ZoneControl receiver (UZC10WRX-3)

Wireless Motion Sensor

The U-Sync MotionControl includes a built-in motion sensor. No wiring required. Once motion is detected, a signal is sent to a ZoneControl receiver. The signal turns on any landscape lights connected to the ZoneControl unit. Any lights not already "ON" will turn on for 5 minutes. Multiple MotionControl units can be paired into the ZoneControl receiver to facilitate additional coverage.

Continuous Monitoring

Once activated the MotionControl will re-scan for motion every 4 minutes. If motion is detected the ZoneControl will stay on for an additional 5 minutes. Events such as parties will allow the lights to stay on as long as movement is detected.