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Angled Pink Lotus Wallpaper

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This is, I believe, our third wallpaper featuring a pink lotus, and it won’t be the last. It’s a common water garden plant, and it’s one of the most beautiful. Both of these things mean that there are a huge amount of photos of lotuses to choose from out there. There are a couple of other advantages to photographing a lotus blossom. One is that, when you catch a blossom on the first day, a lotus tends to be one of the most physically perfect blooms you’ll find in your garden due to its tight, well-sealed bud. Also, a lotus bloom stands well above the water. This opens up a whole variety of angles and effects that are difficult or impossible with most lilies. In this photo, for instance, the angle is from somewhat below and to the side of the bloom. The background is also clear for a distance behind the flower, allowing much more background blur than is often possible with lilies. A blurred background, of course, is a basic method in photography to draw focus and create visual interest. You’ll also notice in this photo that the exposure is rather bright. Very bright exposures work really well with lotuses, and I’m especially fond of the effect with a pink lotus. It creates a bright, pleasing image and gives the petals a certain softness and glow.

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angledAngled Pink Lotus

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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