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Pink Night-Blooming Water Lily

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Our last several free garden wallpapers have trended pretty strongly toward the warmer side of the color spectrum. This isn’t unusual, I think, in garden photography. Often, the most striking flowers (and thus that we all tend to photograph most) are those that feature warm or even hot reds, oranges, and yellows. That’s why, when an image has such a cool feel as this week’s wallpaper does, I tend to notice it all the more.

Besides the cooler-than-usual color palette, the thing I love most about this photo is the fantastic framing. The point of focus is to the lower right of the photo, with the flower (I almost always gravitate toward off-center focal points, of course). The fullness of the double lily gives it a very round, striated general shape, which is echoed by the also off-center dominant lily pad’s ruffled outline. This gives the whole photo a subtle feel of echoes in contrasting colors. The whole effect is much more low-key than last week’s very vivid tropical lily, but I think that you’ll enjoy that less intense look on your desktop.

pinklightPink Night-Blooming Water Lily

Image Credit: SuperFantastic
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