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Aquascape IonGen Tips [VIDEO]

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The IonGen has been one of our most popular products recently so we thought we would do a post about how to maximize its performance.  Aquascape put together the video below with some great tips.

Here are a couple highlights:

1.  Ensure good water circulation across the probe.  One sign that you’re not getting enough water circulation is scale continuously building up on the probe.

2.  Maximize the life of your IonGen probe by only turning up the power level as needed.  You can also shut down the IonGen during the winter when it isn’t needed.

3.  Check the probe every spring to see if it needs to be replaced (the images in the video will show you what this looks like – you can order the IonGen replacement probe here).

4.  If you notice uneven wear on the two bars, it may mean that the probe isn’t installed in the proper direction in the flow chamber.  The small red dot on the top of the probe indicates the correct direction (the water should be flowing between the two bars).

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