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Blue Water Lily Garden Wallpaper

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Water Lilies, like so many flowers, are often especially great when you take the time to really look closer at a single bloom. This blue lily that I photographed at our partner nursery is a great example of this. From a distance, I was drawn to this bloom by the lovely pastel blue of the petals and the upright habit. Get closer, and the red of the heart creates a brilliant contrast that I found immediately appealing. It was on getting right up next to the flower, though, that I saw all of the little details that really made this bloom stand out. The petals are very well-formed, and the deepest heart of the bloom is a very nice buttery gold. Those red stamens, though, really stand out with the fascinating tips that pale back to the same shade as the petals. Blooms with really interesting details like this always make me imagine a botanical breeder looking at a freshly-opened new hybrid with delight at the unexpected.

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waterlilyBlue Lily Wallpaper

Image Credit: Bill Dubert
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