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Bridge Over the River Koi

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Bridge Over the River Koi – perhaps not as theatrical as the movie of similar name, but a bridge in a landscape can add a bit of dramatic effect, not to mention functionality.


There are a multitude of ways to bridge over water. From rustic log to covered bridge, there is something to suite everyone’s taste, style and budget.

For a touch of the serene, add a stone bridge over a narrow stream.

A most natural look can be made from a long, narrow specimen rock from a stone yard. You could get lucky and find one slightly arched.

An alternate to real stone is formed concrete, available in many retail outlets.

Stone bridges are exceptionally beautiful with the mossy green that tends to grow on them in moist settings.

It may take several strong backs and/or a hoist to place it (depending on the size, obviously), but worth the effort.

Another old time crossing method is via stepping-stones within the water.

Be sure to pad the bottom of the pond carefully, then stack them so that a nice flat topped stone shows just above the surface of the water.


This is a bit tricky and may not be good for ponds with rambunctious children nearby.

It does, however, have the bonus feature of added hiding places for fish.

Wooden bridges are the most versatile of all garden bridges.

They come in a variety of sizes and styles and are very popular in water gardens.

Arched bridges are graceful and very popular. They can easily make an ordinary water garden, extraordinary.


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