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Feeling stressed at the very thought of pending holiday stress? Oh my – stressed over thoughts of stress! For a quick cure, try the soothing sounds of water. Nip those blues in the bud and find Serenity NOW.


If you have no room for a waterfall and pond; no worries. All you need is a decorative urn or burbling statuary with a basin and a pump to bring in the soothing sounds.

serenityMany styles fit easily on a patio, deck or porch.

There are all sorts to choose from, so you can surely find a size and style that fits your space. Enjoy the beauty and the music of the water every time you step outdoors. Placement near an entry is a welcome greeting for guests.

Do it yourself types can customize to your hearts content.

There are lots of“how to” tips available. Check out this link to a Garden Gate Magazine article describing the steps to create this very nice container fountain (picture at right from Garden Gate)

serenity2You can even find nice water features suitable for indoors.

If you have indoor plants, a water feature in the area will help humidify the air, much to the relief of plants and people. This is especially beneficial in winter, when heaters make the air so crackling dry that it is hard to breath. As always, the soothing nature of water is at work here.

There are few garden attractions so easy to maintain. Simply keep it topped up with water. How often this needs to be done depends mainly on the size of the basin.

If a water source is near, it is possible to connect an automatic refill tube to the basin, as with an automatic ice-maker. That really is the cat’s meow.


Quick and easy, Serenity NOW!


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