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Clean Your Pond During Winter (Without Getting Wet)

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So, did you get your awesome new pond net up in time to keep the leaves out of your pond? Even if you did, there’s still almost certainly a fair amount of debris and detritus in there. Fallen leaves, acorns, pollen, uneaten fish food, and about a million other things can all build up in your pond. That’s normally not too big a deal, as your beneficial bacteria, your fish, and your occasional cleaning will take care of most of it. During the colder months, though, all of those things slow way, way down.

duringwinterWhat you need to help keep your pond in tip-top shape through the cooler months is a specialist. Our Cold Water Beneficial Bacteria from Aquascape will help. It contains seven different strains of concentrated bacteria colony-forming units that thrive in temperatures below 50 degrees. It’s safe for fish and other pets, of course, but it does a great job of reducing organic debris in your pond as well as nitrates and ammonia that can really build up in the colder months without active bacteria colonies. Adding this bacteria is a relatively inexpensive step that can go a long, long way toward a cleaner, healthier pond year round.



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