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Pond Photo Roundup: October 26

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Well, folks, you’re back again for another of my Pond Photo Roundups. I’m impressed with your patience with my inexcusable antics. Now: photos!

Photo by Kostas Nianiopoulos

First: turtles! I love turtles, even though they aren’t necessarily the best visitors in your pond (they can eat fish). Still, they’re adorable and they carry little houses on their backs. What’s not to love?

Next up, we have this stunningly well-manicured pond and garden.Everything here is just absolutely beautiful. The fish look amazing, the shrubs are perfect, the water is perfect, and that bridge is awesome. It’s almost too good to be real.

Speaking of too good to be real, check out the coloring on this koi. The vivid colors and the sharp definition are absolutely stunning.

Now, this pond and garden is a little bit more on the wild side than the other one above (though only by comparison, this is still a beautifully tended garden). This is definitely a little more my style. Those waterfalls look amazing, and the whole ambiance makes me want to sit on one of those rocks with my feet in the water and read a good book. Or an OK book, at least.

Finally, we come to this purple lily, covered in droplets and showing a vivid yellow heart. This photo is nothing short of perfect, to my eyes. This is by a photographer in Jakarta, Dianseh. I strongly recommend checking out his photos.

That’s it for this week, kids. As always, check us out right here on the Pond Blog next week for more photos, and take a look at our Facebook page for even more photos and other pond-related goodness throughout the week.

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