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Cold Water Fish Food

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On Monday, Gwen talked about a few of the things that you can do to help keep your fish healthy during colder months. One of the things she mentioned was switching to a cold-water fish food.

Switching to a food specially designed for cold water can make a big difference in the health of your fish in autumn and spring. In colder temperatures a fish’s metabolism and digestion slow down, changing their nutrition requirements. Most koi and goldfish do pretty well in cold water, being close relatives of carp, but the easier you can make it for them to get the nutrients they need, the more likely they are to stay healthy through changing seasons.

I’ve had really great success with Aquascape’s Premium Cold Water Fish Food Pellets. Like all of Aquascape’s premium fish foods, it’s been formulated carefully with vets and scientists to keep your fish healthy and beautiful, using high-quality ingredients. This food, though, is specially designed to keep your fish healthy at temperatures below 55 degrees. It contains Spirulina and Bacillus Subtilis natto and other difficult-to-pronounce things that make it easy for your fish to comfortably digest it in chillier water. The pellet form of this food is especially nice in colder weather, as it makes it much easier to keep your pond clean during the times of year when you’d really rather not be out cleaning your pond. You certainly don’t want a bunch of broken-up, uneaten fish flakes in your water all winter.

If you feed your fish (and live somewhere with real seasons, of course), it’s definitely worth trying this cold water food to keep your fish as healthy as possible throughout the changing seasons.

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