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Pond Photo Roundup: October 5

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Let’s pretend that I was on vacation, and that’s why I missed last week’s Pond Photo Roundup. Look at it as a positive, loyal fans, for this week you get a double dose of pond photo goodness in your RSS feed.


I’m going to start this week with an absolutely fascinating object by designer Constance Guisset. “Duplex” is a fishbowl thermoformed to sit as a cap on a birdcage, allowing the bird to fly up into a hollow in the middle of the water. I don’t know what to say about this beyond, “Wow.” I want one.

Speaking of things that I want, this teapot fountain is a really, really cool idea. I’m almost annoyed that I didn’t come up with it.

perfectdrop (1).jpeg

I’m also annoyed that I didn’t take this photo. Photographer Somchai Pringproh’s 500px feed is full of fascinating botanical macros like this. Definitely worth checking out. I’m really impressed by the patience and delicate skill that obviously went into some of these shots.


Patience and delicate skill also very clearly went into creating this waterfall (though probably a bit more heavy lifting). Getting a waterfall to look this natural isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Very impressive work.


is one of my favorite photos that we’ve ever featured. It features some of my very favorite things in the world: secluded, tumbling waterfall, well-done long-exposure photography, tumbles of rocks, and soft-looking beds of moss. I’m a big hiker, and this photo makes me dream of stumbling upon this place and loosing an entire day enjoying it.


This pond/deck hybrid from a This Old House reader in Canton, Georgia  got more than 170 “likes” on our facebook post, and I can see why. It’s a stunning, simple, and almost uniquely American take on a formal-edged pond. While I have to wonder how well the wood will hold up over years, I have to applaud the great thinking that led to this pond.

Some sculptures just look lazy. I want a version of this moss bed large enough to nap on, too.

This pondless millstone fountain in a Buddhist garden looks very peaceful to me. From the blog Digging.

From the NWC comes this photo of a flowformed waterfall. It really is an interesting blend of not-quite-organic shapes.

That’s it for this week (and last). As always, check out our Facebook page for more pond photos from all over the web.

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