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Enchanted Reflecting Pools

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I looked into the water illustrated by M.W. Enright


Excerpt from “Brownies” by Juliana Horatia Ewing, reprinted in Up One Pair of Stairs of My Book House, edited by Olivia Beaupre Miller, 1920-1937. Illustrator Maginel Wright Enright.

What is so intriguing about reflections in water?


There is a mystic quality that may be part of our infatuation with bodies of water. Reflecting pools are ever popular and their special effects makes them subject to extra attention from photographers and other artists.


They can be surrealistic and mesmerizing with their shimmering movements.  Also, they can make one feel a bit upside-down.

Animals  seem very much attracted to the odd look of themselves in the water. Molly, the princess dog, can’t get enough of looking at herself in their pond.

See the pretty dog in the water there…


musicalSmall blemishes are hidden by the ripples and sometimes the distortion works wonders to improve the visual image.

Hmmm, think I’ll invest in a dresser top version for self esteem, and skip the makeup.


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