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Freshen Up a Tired Landscape with Waterfalls

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“I’d love to have a water garden in my yard, but I simply don’t have the space or the budget!”

Many a homeowner has muttered these words when contemplating the joy and beauty of adding a water feature to their landscape. Water is a magnet that draws us in and relaxes us with its soothing sounds. Think about places you’ve visited and how water enhanced your experience. Shoppers are always attracted to a fountain or reflection pool situated in the midst of shops and restaurants. Hikers in the forest will habitually journey toward the sound of running water to locate its source. Likewise, water creates a popular destination spot for vacationers.

If you’re like most people today who yearn for their own water garden oasis, but are pinched by the current economy, consider pond-less waterfalls, which are basically a re-circulating waterfall or stream … without the pond!

Waterfalls without a pond are an economical and attractive option if you’re looking to sprinkle your landscape with water. A pond-free waterfall can be tucked into any intimate corner of the yard. If drama’s more your style, a larger waterfall can take center stage next to a patio or deck.

Water doesn’t have to be relegated to the backyard, however. Consider greeting visitors to your home with a small waterfall that adds value to your home by increasing its curb appeal.

“Nearly 20% of buyers say they consider landscaping to be a ‘very important’ factor in their decision to buy a house, according to a new study by the National Association of Realtors.”

(Wall Street Journal. “Selling Houses by the Yard.” August 2007)

Perhaps you have a barren spot in the yard that begs for something special. Adding a waterfall without a pond is a great solution for families with small children. Kids love splashing in the water and parents don’t have to worry about safety concerns associated with a full-fledged pond. What’s more, the pond can always be added after the children have grown.

For homeowners looking to enhance nature in their yards, the addition of a waterfall provides a welcome habitat for birds and butterflies. The philosophy that decries, “If you build it, they will come,” rings true as frogs, salamanders, and other harmless critters find their way to this lush oasis.

Adding a waterfall to the garden is really quite simple and easy. A hole is dug and lined with either rock and gravel, or grate-type blocks that act as a reservoir. Water is added and a pump pushes water up through piping to an overflowing waterfall where the water cascades over a series of rocks, strategically placed to create either a rushing waterfall or a gentler, trickling stream.

waterfallToo much? Yeah, too much.

The pond-less waterfall can be just a few feet in length, or it can traverse the expanse of a very large yard. The bigger the waterfall, the bigger the budget you’ll need to add its beauty to your yard. If you have a tighter budget, then consider tackling the smaller waterfall as a do-it-yourself project to save on installation costs. Pond-less waterfall kits are available online for easy ordering. Some even include lights to add drama for night-time viewing.

Whether you choose to tuck a splashing waterfall near the entrance of your home, or make it the focal point of the backyard to be enjoyed by humans and critters alike, you simply can’t go wrong with a pond-free waterfall. You’ll enjoy many relaxing days and nights soaking in the sights and sounds of this playful water feature. And of course, the kids will thank you for the hours of magical play it affords them. A waterfall has something for everyone in the family, with a variety of sizes to fit any budget. Once you add this refreshing feature to your landscape, you just might find that one is not enough!

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